Strategic Management (MAS)


This programme offers development of existing knowledge in key areas related to the organization operations. Students of this master programme acquire competencies in order to consider a wider social context through profiled innovation business perspective when delivering important strategic and managerial decisions.

Teaching is carried out in the most modern way and using information and communication technologies. This enables interactive multilateral communication, a problematic and project-oriented approach in which the student is at the heart of the learning process.

Students have the opportunity to choose and compare information, memorize and organize, analyze their content, conceive their own knowledge, communicate it and compare it with others, evaluate and re-examine their own attitudes and acquired knowledge. This includes traditional methods such as monolingual and dialogical methods, content analysis, discussion, group discussion and essay writing.

The program is in line with the contemporary needs of the managerial profession and is comparable to the programs of similar educational institutions in Europe.

Providing logical continuation of studies for basic academic students is the centre of our attention. Our students through subject courses can acquire subject-specific competences in the field of strategic management and in the field of media and informatics.

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By mastering the Strategic Management study program, the student acquires general and subject specific skills, which are an essential component of the study program.

  • +General competencies

    The general competenciesthat a student develops and perfects with the completion of the Strategic Management study program are:

    • Analytical skills, synthesis and ability to see the solution and consequences of the business system management process;
    • Mastering the methods, procedures and processes of research in the field of strategic management;
    • Development of critical thinking and approaches in the process of managing business systems and business decision-making;
    • Application of knowledge, skills and creativity in managerial practice;
    • Development of communication skills in the function of successful cooperation with business entities, as well as cooperation with a narrower social and international environment.

  • +Subject-specific competencies

    Subject-specific competencies acquired by the student with completion of the Strategic Management study program are:

    • The ability to manage the company in accordance with the environment;
    • The ability to select and implement international marketing strategies;
    • Developing knowledge using skills in strategic management;
    • Monitoring and implementation of innovation in entrepreneurship;
    • The ability to manage and participate in development teams for designing managerial decision-making models;
    • Linking and application of basic knowledge from different fields;
    • The use of information and communication technologies in mastering knowledge in the field of business management;
    • The ability to formulate, evaluate and implement a business strategy based on internal and external growth;
    • The ability to evaluate new business ventures;
    • Ability to evaluate the effects of regular activities of the company;
    • Ability to design an organization according to the strategic requirements;
    • Ability to evaluate securities and use of appropriate portfolio strategies;
    • Understanding the concept of the time value of money;
    • Ability to assess project risk;
    • The ability to recruit, evaluate, reward and promote the personnel needed to implement the strategy;
    • The ability to set strategic communication objectives and manage the public relations organization;
    • The ability of planning and research in the field of public relations and the implementation of organization results;
    • Basic knowledge and understanding of public relations and public speaking.

Program1st year2nd year
Respective courses are shown in the following tabs (by year of study and semester) with corresponding ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits assigned to them.
1st year
1st semester
# Course ECTS
1 Strategic Management 8
2 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 7
3 Business English Language 1 7
4 Elective courses group 1: 8
4.1 Strategic Management of Media Organizations
4.2 Strategic Management of Information Organizations
2nd semester
# Course ECTS
5 Public Relations Strategic Management 8
6 Managerial Decision-making 7
7 Business English Language 2 7
8 Elective courses group 2: 8
8.1 Media Projects Management
8.2 Management in Education
2nd year
3rd semester
# Course ECTS
1 Strategic Marketing 10
2 Human Resources Strategic Management 10
3 Knowledge Management 10
4th semester
# Course ECTS
4 Business Finance 10
5 Elective courses group 3: 10
5.1 Strategic Process
5.2 Managerial Accounting
6 Master Thesis 10