Information Technologies Management


The study program Management in Information Technology presents interdisciplinary basic academic studies. Interdisciplinarity is reflected in the fact that studies are composed of engineering, managerial and discipline of the IT profile.

The main goal of the program is to train students in the field of engineering management and information technologies in order to acquire the knowledge and ability to comprehensively understand the process of information technology management based on the principles of engineering and strategic thinking.

The objectives of Information Technology Management are the development of creative abilities and the mastering of academic and practical skills as well as methods for achieving professional competence in the field of information technologies. Students acquire competencies for independent organizing of business and management of information centers in organizations of different activities.

In performing theoretical and practical teaching, all modern teaching methods are represented, modern hardware and software equipment is used.

The content of the program corresponds to the latest achievements in the IT sector and is in line with the European programs of a similar profile.

Within the study program, sections are organized to help students master certain IT tools and skills and for which appropriate certificates are issued.

Students are also enabled to obtain an internationally recognized ECDL certificate (European Computer Driving License) through teaching or special training and passing exams.

The purpose of the study program Management in Information Technologies is education of students and providing the necessary competences for the following professions:

• Head of the computing center (IT sector, service, etc.);
• System analyst (IS designer);
• Designer and database administrator;
• Designer and computer network administrator;
• IT security manager;
• Programmer – development of application software.

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  • +General competencies

    By mastering the study program Management in Information Technology students acquire the following general competencies:

    • Systematic knowledge and understanding of the field of engineering management and mastering skills and decision-making methods in the process of managing high-tech enterprises;
    • Ability to coordinate and harmonize organizational structure and technology in high-tech enterprises;
    • Ability to understand the relationship between processes, people and technology and, in accordance with that, make decisions based on the principles of socially responsible behavior.

  • +Subject-specific competencies

    Subject-specific competencies acquired through the study of Information Technology Management:

    • Knowledge of methodology of high-tech enterprises management;
    • Managing the use of information technologies in the management process;
    • The ability to continuously monitor contemporary achievements in the profession.

Program1st year2nd year3rd year4th year
Respective courses are shown in the following tabs (by year of study and semester) with corresponding ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits assigned to them.
1st year
1st semester
# Course ECTS
1 Informatics 9
2 Quantitative Methods 8
3 Introduction to Management 8
4 Communication 7
2nd semester
# Course ECTS
5 Mathematical Logic in Computer Science 8
6 English Language 1 7
7 Informatics Skills Practice 1 5
8 Elective courses group 1: 8
8.1 Sociology
8.2 Business Ethics
2nd year
3rd semester
# Course ECTS
1 Introduction to Engineering 8
2 Marketing Management 8
3 Production Management 7
4 English Language 2 7
4th semester
# Course ECTS
5 Elective courses group 2: 8
5.1 Introduction to Finance
5.2 Information Technologies
6 Company Organization 8
7 Programming 1 9
8 Informatics Skills Practice 2 5
3rd year
5th semester
# Course ECTS
1 Internet Technologies 8
2 English Language 3 7
3 Elective courses group 3: 7
3.1 Programming 2
3.2 Data Protection
 4  Introduction to Information Systems Designing 9
6th semester
# Course ECTS
5 Informatics Skills Practice 3 5
6 Databases 8
7 Management Information Systems 8
8 Elective courses group 4: 8
8.1 Business Logistics
8.2 Human Resources Management
4th year
7th semester
# Course ECTS
1 Computer Graphics 9
2 E-business 9
3 Multimedia 9
8th semester
# Course ECTS
5 Intelligent Systems 7
6 Software Engineering 7
7 Elective courses group 5: 8
7.1 Informatics Organization Management
7.2 Protection of the Environment and Sustainable Development
8 Final thesis 9