Faculty of Management Gold Medal Laureate

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Faculty of Management is a regular participant of the „Guidelines“ Fair of Education, where it informs academic colleagues and professionals or future students about relevant educational profiles and academic study programs, in order to help them to make better decisions regarding their continual education. Also, all visitors are provided with information regarding enrollment, FAM studying policies, student scholarships, as well as benefits of FAM study programs and relevant methods applied.

Faculty of Management is awarded second consecutive gold medal for quality in education.

14th International Fair of Education „Guidelines“ is aiming to achieve affirmation of education for all paradigm, as well as to strongly advocate lifelong education models. „Guidelines“ provides a complete picture of educational profiles of secondary and higher education of Serbia. In addition to traditional participation of exhibitors from Serbia, exhibitors from Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska were also present. The Fair, which lasted from 7th to 9th March 2019, was held in Master Center of Novi Sad Fair.

Below, you can watch coverage of event.

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